ALERT: Children Can Die From ‘Dry Drowning’ Hours AFTER Swimming.

Cassandra Jackson had no idea that her life would change forever after she took her son swimming. Her 10 year-old son Johnny stated that he was tired after swimming. Cassandra thought that it was normal for her son to be tired after spending the day swimming. She had no idea that something was seriously wrong.

Johnny went to sleep after he got home, and his mother later came in his room to check on him. She noticed that her son was not breathing and did not have a pulse. The coroner found that the little boy had died from dry drowning.

Dry drowning, which is also known as delayed drowning, is rare. It occurs when a person drowns due to swallowing too much water. Cassandra did not know that it was possible for a child to talk and walk when their lungs were filled with water. Some of the signs of dry drowning include a bloated tummy and sleepiness.

The lining of the lungs can be damaged by salt or fresh water. This prevents oxygen from entering the blood. It also prevents carbon dioxide from leaving the blood. A child can also suffer dry drowning in a bathtub. Cassandra did not know that dry drowning was a possibility before her son passed away. Hopefully, her story will help save other children’s lives.

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