Al Franken Exposes John Bush’s Birther Beliefs – Slams Trump’s Judicial Nominee

You could say that Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is an incredible digger, a curious sort who goes deep to uncover some interesting things, especially when it comes to Republican nominees. In this case, the outspoken senator has had his bullseye on President Trump’s choice for a federal appeals court post.

The nominee is John Bush, an attorney from Kentucky. He happens to blog under the name G. Morris, and Al Franken thought he would broach the topic during Bush’s confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill.

Sen. Franken peppered Atty. Bush with a variety of questions to probe into the nominee’s birther beliefs and conspiracy theories. If he were looking to embarrass Bush, he succeeded, and he began by suggesting that judgment is a key attribute when he votes in favor of a presidential nominee to a high position.

Franken unleashed his probe by asking the lawyer about former President Obama’s birth certificate and why he found it important for Bush to blog about a Kenyan reporter who was detained because he was looking into the birthplace rumors.

Atty. Bush tried explaining to the committee and Sen. Franken that he has not always chosen the correct sentences when blogging and was not trying to hint at birtherism or that Obama was not born in the U.S.

Franken also targetted the WorldNetDaily(WND) online source that Bush often cited in his blogging posts. The publication is well-known for being the “largest Christian website in the world.” It is also a publication that talks conservatively and explores subjects like birtherism, conspiracy theories, etc.

Atty. Bush also explained that he does not recall using sources like WND for every post he wrote. He was looking for things in the news that were of note. He was not intending to take a stand on any political issue, he said.

He wishes he could have phrased some things differently when writing on his blog, he also said.

Sen. Franken pushed the matter further, telling the nominee that he was using sources that engage in fake news, hate speech, etc. He also raked Atty. Bush under the coals, suggesting that he appears unfit to serve on the circuit court because he cannot answer how he decides if a news source is credible or not when blogging a political post.

Franken closed by saying he finds Atty. Bush’s explanation “disturbing.”

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