After Traveling Thousands Of Miles To Sing This Song, At 2:25 She Has The ENTIRE Crowd Roaring!

There are countless examples of individuals traveling many miles to showcase their talents. Sometimes, people travel from far away to showcase their abilities because no one in their home town has faith in them. There are other situations where someone is simply forced to travel many miles to find people that can honestly critique and develop the performer’s talent. Today, many people travel thousands of miles so they can perform their talent on a famous television show. This is exactly the reason why one young girl made an epic trip to showcase her talent. The girl is named Mia, and she traveled thousands of miles to appear on a television show on NBC.

The television show is called Little Big Shots. On the show, talented children are invited to perform. Hosted by Steve Harvey, children dance, sing, and play instruments. It is amazing what these children can do, and Mia is no exception. For her performance, Mia decided to sing a song by Beyonce. She performed a ballad from Dreamgirls, a hit movie from 2006. The song isn’t easy. Many adults can’t even sing this song successfully. However, Mia is able to smash the song out of the park. Using her young lungs, she gives a powerful rendition of the song. It is astounding to realize Mia is only 13-years-old.

On the video, Mia wear a purple dress that sparkles. She has on stylish glasses. Behind her, a backdrop shows millions of stars streaming through the night sky. On the massive stage, she only has a single microphone to hide behind. Most children would be intimidated by such a setting. However, the setting only seems to amplify Mia’s performance. You can see the amazement in Steve Harvey’s eyes. He stands to the side of the stage holding his cue cards, and it looks like he has no words to describe what the world is hearing. It is rare to see a young girl perform with such talent and confidence. As she hits higher and higher notes in the song, you can hear the crowd go absolutely crazy. The camera swirls around Mia, and you can almost see the seeds of a future celebrity. Perhaps the best part is when she hits the final note. It is a soaring and powerful note. Few people can hit such a note. However, when Mia is done, she simply gives a modest thanks to the crowd. Mia is incredibly talented, and she is incredibly humble.

As the video continues, you can see the crowd stand and cheer for Mia. Steve Harvey slowly walks to the stage. Mia hides her face and starts to cry. You can tell she is overcome with emotion. She can’t seem to believe she actually did it. She also can’t seem to believe that everybody is cheering for her. Steven Harvey approaches Mia and puts his arm around her. After asking her how she is feeling, he congratulations her on a job well done. He reminds Mia that she is in Hollywood. She achieved something incredible, and she definitely earned it.

Mia is just one of the amazing children on the show. Many others also traveled thousands of miles to perform their own talents. For example, you can see a 4-year-old kid who just might be related to Mozart. You also can watch a 5-year-old demonstrate her knowledge of hypnotism. It is an incredible show to watch. It truly gives you faith in the rising generation. There are so many amazing kids!

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