After Rescuing An Abandoned Bird, They Become Best Friends – And JAM OUT!

It has been proven time again the bond that humans and animals share. This is especially apparent when someone takes the time to rescue an animal and nurse it back to health. Even animals that are normally people shy seem to form a special relationship with their savior. One man highlighted the bond he created with the bird he rescued, and it will bring a smile to your face.

This bearded man posted a video on Facebook of him and his bird bopping to some music. The bird appears sickly, with many feathers missing. But, when the music starts, his joy and excitement come out. The bird bounces his body, rocks side-to-side and thoroughly enjoys this impromptu jam session with his best friend.

The bird sits happily on the bearded man’s shoulder while the music plays. The bird seems to trust his companion completely, even though he looks like he has been through some very hard times. Each time the beat grows louder, the bird dances and follows the rhythm.

There are many things that tend to make people smile or laugh. For instance, a happy baby, adorable puppies and animals brought back from the brink of death to find a loving, forever home. When you are having a bad day and need a little encouragement that there are good people out there, watch the video of a bearded man and his bird dancing to their favorite tunes.

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