After Hearing His Reasoning For Setting Their Family Dog On Fire, I Had To Refrain From Cursing

Brennen Cooper, 18, of Marion Indiana, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after setting his dog on fire. Cooper allegedly chained up and doused his family dog, Bud, with gasoline and set him ablaze.

Cooper’s girlfriend came to Bud’s rescue after hearing the dog’s cries and put the flames out with a shirt.

She then took the dog upstairs and put him into a bathtub and used vinegar to minimize the damage of the burns. The reasoning: Bud went to the bathroom in the house. Brian Cooper, Brennen’s dad, said that he had told his kids that if they weren’t going to take responsibility for the dog, that he was going to get rid of him. He had no idea that his son would take matters into his own hands.

Brennen set the dog ablaze an hour after Brian Cooper went to work. Brian said that he came home and grabbed his son by his sweatshirt and told him that he was going to jail and held him there until the police came. Deputy Chief David Day of Marion Police said that his officers recommended a felony charge for torturing an animal. Bud is expected to make a full recovery from his home.

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