After Finding Cross Chained On Gay Street This Neighbor’s Response was Perfect

Micah Latter lives on Gay Street, which is located in New York City. The street has been around since 1853, which was when gay had a different meaning. Micah wanted to make sure that whoever put the cross there received a surprise message. Micah got a group of his neighbors together to change the cross. They painted the rainbow colors on the cross. They also called it a love cross.

Micah explained why he decided to paint the cross. He stated that the cross is a message of love, peace and hope in the Christian faith.

He also stated that the person who put the cross there did not share those same values. That is why he decided to get people together to paint the cross. Fifty people showed up to help him.

Micah also liked the fact that people from different walks of life came together to help him. There were gay couples and straight couples. They all sat down, painted and shared life stories. Micah also added locks to the cross, so the owner will not be able to remove it. The cross now officially belongs to the street. Micah described the people who worked together as being magical.

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