Adopted 4 Years Ago, Watch As A Familiar Face Comes Through Her Door.

Four years ago, a couple decided to adopt a puppy from the local shelter. The shelter was housing a litter of four close lab siblings, known collectively as the Adam’s Family. The couple was particularly drawn to one fawn-colored member of the family.

Sadly, as adopted dogs very often have to do, Samo had to say goodbye to her siblings to start her new life with the couple. Her siblings eventually did the same, and all ended up with different families. Although all had happy lives, they surely wondered about their brothers and sisters to which they were once so close.

Samo, as she would later be called, seemed to be the perfect fit for them. Samo had a comfortable and happy life, exploring the world and gelling with her new family. The couple made videos of Samo at each birthday.

Four years later, a grown-up Samo was given the chance of a lifetime, to be reunited with her three beloved siblings. The reunion was nothing short of magical, as all four of them appeared to still know and love one another, as if no time had passed. Now called Oreo, Hunter, PJ, and of course Samo, the four siblings were thrilled to play and reconnect after all these years.

The facial expressions of this group of sibling labs appears so human, and so touching, that it makes one wonder how difficult it must be for our pets to be separated from their family of origin. Maybe we all need to be having these kinds of reunions for our dogs. They certainly seem to appreciate it.

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