Adidas Has NO Time For The Homophobes Who Commented On Their Valentine’s Day Instagram

Adidas is a massive and extremely popular corporation that creates all manner of sports footwear, accessories and attire. It’s a well-known brand all throughout the planet and is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, where it was founded.

Adidas recently showed everyone just how important all types of love are to them. The brand posted a photograph on its official Instagram account. The picture depicted a pair of runners, both of whom were female. The caption available directly by the photograph said simply, “The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

The majority of the people who saw the photo and caption loved it. They were grateful that Adidas was giving LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people some kindness. Others, however, were less inclined to be open minded and scolded Adidas for posting such obscenities…

Adidas Has NO Time For The Homophobes Who Commented On Their Valentine’s Day Instagram

Adidas didn’t seem to mind the troublemakers, though. They responded to many of the people who were unhappy with their Instagram posting with absolute class and dignity. When people posted hostile comments about the posting, Adidas representatives responded by sending more and more love out into the sphere. They even wished “Happy Valentine’s Day” to one specific commenter online. Adidas made a point to remind people that the point of Valentine’s Day, simply put, is love. Nothing more and nothing less.

Adidas revealed not long ago that they’re planning on placing a new cause in all of their contracts for athletic sponsorships. The goal of this clause is to reinforce the rights of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Adidas’ clause indicates that the brand appreciates diversity immensely. It also indicates that Adidas considers diversity to be a major component of its overall philosophy. The clause indicates furthermore that the sponsorship agreement would not be changed or ended in the event that the athlete involved makes an announcement regarding his or her sexuality.

Tom Daley is an example of a prominent gay athlete. The British diver is open about the fact that he’s gay. He has a sponsorship from Adidas at the moment.

It looks like Adidas is in the middle of doing some great things for the LGBT world! Here’s to more and more positive developments and advancements for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender persons everywhere. If more companies would adopt the same accepting and welcoming attitude Adidas has, the world would quickly become a better and more beautiful place. It’s always a good sign when a major brand is willing to stand up for their beliefs. People who believe in equality and in treating everyone with respect may want to stand behind Adidas. This brand is truly making an effort.

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