Add Pasta To The Same Pot As Your Sauce Ingredients For A Brilliant Flavor Enhancer

A combination of hunger and time constraints generally discourage individuals who are cooking pasta to create a sauce from scratch. The end result in the vast majority of these cases is to simply purchase this product from a nearby grocery store or outlet.

However, one recipe that addresses this concern only requires a total of 30 minutes (including just 10 minutes of cooking time) and the use of a single pot. This particular creation is large enough to serve four people, though the selected ingredients can be incrementally lowered or raised, depending on how many people are being served.

To begin, 12 ounces of linguine are placed in a pot, with a can of diced tomatoes then poured into it. One medium sweet onion is then sliced up and placed inside with four cloves of garlic and two cups of mushrooms.

That’s followed by the addition of two teaspoons of dried oregano, one-quarter teaspoon of red pepper flakes and some basil. A total of four-and-a-half cups of vegetable broth are then poured in along with two tablespoons of olive oil.

The combined mixture should then be covered and brought to a boil, before then being cooked within the aforementioned 10-minute time frame. Once done, the individual preparing the food has the option of adding Parmesan cheese to the finished product and eating or serving any guests.

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