ACLU Receives “Unprecedented” $19.4 Million in Donations – Since Saturday

ACLU Receives “Unprecedented” $19.4 Million in Donations – Since Saturday

The American Civil Liberties Union has led the way in the legal defense of citizens for decades. They are dedicated to the strict observance of all clauses of the Constitution and American law that protect the citizenry, and they can be relied upon to defend anyone who needs their help. The ACLU one of America’s most respected legal institutions, and they have never been more popular than they are right now. Trumps callous continuation of anti-immigration programs instituted under previous administrations have caused extraordinary trauma to immigrants both legal and prospective, and the first week of the Trump administration saw enormous pro-immigration protests at international airports around the nation.

Thousands of people went to the airport terminal near where they live to greet new arrivals with cheers and scenes of heartwarming welcome. The ACLU was on the scene as well, going from immigrant to immigrant, helping them to figure out their legal status and assisting them with legal paperwork. All this work was performed pro bono, which means it cost their client nothing. This sort of work has greatly impressed the donors of the ACLU and the American people, and the legal aid organization has seen a surge in donations unlike anything they have ever seen before. The first three days of their airport pro bono campaign brought in more than a ten million dollars in new donations. That represents more than 150,000 new contributing members in three days.

The days that followed brought in 9 million dollars more and another 140,000 supporting memberships for the ACLU. This represents a 1,900% increase in ordinary January donations for the organization. The ACLU normally takes in only $4 million from online donations in an entire year.

This heartwarming display of public generosity demonstrates America’s commitment to the firm legal protections outlined in the Constitution and to the heroes that defend them. $19 million in less than a week represents not only the largest donation that the ACLU has ever received, but a substantial upgrade in their operating capacity and ability to make legal challenges to the Trump Administration.

The Trump team has made clear their intention to take an activist and prescriptivist approach to the immigration issues facing the United States. Those who disagree philosophically or technically with their actions have legal recourse under the Constitution. The strengthening of the ACLU’s funding stream and the clear sign of approval from American people mean that the ACLU will be able to take the legal battle to Trump in ways that had never been dreamed of before.

As of this weekend the ACLU is one of the most powerful, best-loved and best-funded non-profit organizations in the United States. Their decades of good work have paid off in a sterling reputation and complete willingness to spring into action instantly when the need arises. It is clear that America approves.

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