Abused Dog Too Terrified To Even Look Up At Her Rescuers. But They Weren’t Going To Give Up…

When a dog is abused by its owners, it becomes difficult for them to trust any human again. That is exactly what happened to Angel. She was rescued by PAWS Animal Rescue, which is an organization in Ireland. When Angel first arrived at the shelter, she just stared at the wall for days. However, the rescuers refused to give up to her.

They worked with Angel and showed her love. Slowly, but surely she began to trust them Six months later, she was adopted by a loving family. The family came to the shelter and looked for a dog. They saw several dogs that they liked, but Angel was the one they fell in love with.

The family has another dog. Angel and the other dog get along like best friends. She loves to play and chase the other dog. She also loves to bark. Angel has made an amazing transformation.

A couple of months ago, she refused to look at anyone. Now, she is as happy as she can be. Angel’s story has been featured on “Inside Edition.” It has also been uploaded to YouTube. The video has been viewed over 2.6 million times. People are encouraged to visit PAWS Animal Rescue in order to help animals like Angel.

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