Abused Dog Receives Affection For The First Time In Her Life… Her Reaction Says Everything!

In November of 2015, Monica Mitreanu made a visit to a Romanian animal shelter. While she was there, she came into contact with a severely abused dog. This poor pooch had known nothing but harsh treatment throughout its life, so when she was approached, the dog immediately shrank back and began yelping in panic.

However, she very slowly and patiently reached out to the dog, giving her time to see that Mitreanu meant no harm. Though it took quite a while for her to establish trust, by the time she left, the dog had rewarded her affectionate gesture with a wagging tail and calm behavior. Sadly, this dog’s situation is all too common in shelters around the world. These animals have suffered horrendous abuse through no fault of their own, and as a result, their initial response to human contact is fear.

They drive away potential adopters because they seem so hostile. However, those who are willing to take the time and effort to help these dogs trust again will see that even the most traumatized dog can be rehabilitated. Although Mitreanu did not adopt the dog she helped to heal, her story does have a happy ending. She was adopted by someone else and given the name Priscilla.

This once-miserable dog now has the sort of tranquil and love-filled existence that every dog deserves. Her example can serve as inspiration to those afraid to take on a pet with a troubled past. Just like people, every dog deserves a second chance at life.

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