A Woman Calls 911 To Order Pizza, But When You Find Out Why, Your Heart Will Sink

A Woman Calls 911 To Order Pizza, But When You Find Out Why, Your Heart Will Sink

Today women face domestic violence sometime in their lives. The statistics are staggering. How does a 911 call ordering a pizza save a terrified woman’s life? When faced with such a frightening out of control situation fearing for your life all the victim is thinking about is a way to survive, a way to stop the pain.

This woman’s fast reacting ingenious thought before her drunken boyfriend’s next blow was amazing. Scared and alone, and shaking she reached for the phone but knowing that a 911 call would most likely further enrage her boyfriend. So what happened next was remarkable.

The woman faked a call ordering a pizza to 911. The 911 dispatcher at first was a bit irritated believing it was a prank call. But after a few critical questions his intuition kicked in making realize this call was definitely not a prank but a call for help.

The woman’s answers were brief but crafty never giving away her horrendous fearful moment that she risked making the call. Within minutes the police arrived on the scene diffusing the violence.

The woman’s boyfriend in handcuffs and her being safe her terrifying suffering was over. Was it fate or a miracle having the events fall into place so perfectly? When you think about it the outcome could have been so tragically different, what if the dispatcher had hung up? What sparked the woman’s idea to make the phony pizza call during a time of unbearable panic? The outcome was joyfully inspiring.

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