A Very Healthy 4 Year Old Suddenly Dies After He Ingests A Spice Found In Every Home

Common household spices are typically used in cooking and baking. Stored in the kitchen, the spice is aromatic and can be tantalizing to the palate. However, getting in the hands of innocent individuals can cause illness or possibly death when wrongly ingested.

Matthew Radar was an innocent little boy from Kentucky. While his love of exploring and climbing around the kitchen may have seemed like a normal activity for a four-year-old, it contributed to his death. Upon his adventures one day, Matthew found the contents of a cinnamon container located in the spice cabinet. After ingesting some of the brown scented powder, Matthew began choking and convulsing. The small child collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where he died within the hour.

The official ruling by the coroner was accidental. They also stated that cinnamon asphyxiation is a common occurrence when the spice is inhaled. Matthew’s mother Brianna is devastated by the loss, but wants to make others aware of this dangerous situation. The cinnamon challenge is a common game that is videotaped and typically posted on social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Individuals ingest a tablespoon of cinnamon and try to see how long they can go without drinking water. While the game may appear comical and fun, participants fails to realize the dangers that they are putting themselves in.

Brianne Radar wants to alert others to the hazards because the kids who take part in this type of game don’t realize that it can hurt them. Matthew’s organs were donated, in hopes that the lives of others could be saved.

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