A Total Stranger Delivers Her Baby In A Car – Watch When She Flips Him On His Back…

Soon-to-be new mom Kimberly Sherwood was going into labor when her husband Ben was helping her get into the car so they could head to the hospital to deliver their newborn.

However, on the way to the hospital it became apparent that the baby was coming too fast and the couple would not make it to the hospital in time. Instead, the Milwaukee couple pulled over and flagged down a police officer. Ben told him that he needed help delivering a baby. He also noticed a group of people nearby. Without thinking, Ben hollered out that he needed a doctor. Lucky for him, one came running.

What Ben didn’t know, the group of people that he called out to were guests of a wedding. The woman who came running over was Annette Soborowicz, mother-of-the-bride and an emergency room nurse.

Dressed in a formal gown and high heels, Annette helped the couple deliver their newborn son. It was lucky for the couple that Annette was there to help. Kimberly was suffering from placenta previa, a condition that was causing her baby to push her placenta to the side. If her placenta ruptured, it could mean certain death for her and her unborn son.

It was a tense few moments after Kimberly delivered her son and there was silence. Being a trained nurse, Annette knew to put the baby on his back and gently begin to rub him. Shortly after, the newborn began to cry.

As Annette was checking Kimberly for signs of bleeding, more guests of the wedding showed up to help- and they happened to be trained medical professionals as well! When Kimberly got to the hospital, the doctors there told her that she could not have gotten better care, even if they had made it to the hospital in time.

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