A Toddler Helps Mom Deliver A Baby. And I Was Amazed. But When She Said THIS…LOL!

A Toddler Helps Mom Deliver A Baby. And I Was Amazed. But When She Said THIS…LOL!

The miracle of childbirth is a situation that can often be hectic, even in the most usual of circumstances. Throw in a power failure and the help of a three-year-old girl, and the events can be even more dramatic.

The situation began when the power failed in a community, which was then followed by contractions from a mother named Heidi. Due to the lack of power, just one paramedic was available to answer the call.

When that paramedic arrived with flashlight in hand, he told Heidi’s three-year-old daughter, Kathleen, to hold the light over her mother. That would allow him to safely deliver the baby. Kathleen followed the directions, and soon after, Heidi’s continual pushing allowed the paramedic to deliver Heidi’s son, who she named Connor.

As is standard following any birth, the paramedic lifted the newborn by his feet and gently spanked him on his rear end to make sure everything was good. Soon after, the paramedic took the time to thank Kathleen for her assistance before then asking her what she thought about the entire experience.

Kathleen’s response was one that likely both shocked and amused the paramedic, when she said succinctly, “He shouldn’t have crawled in there in the first place…..smack his ass again!”

This story has been posted on numerous websites, though there’s no indication exactly where or when it took place. In the latter instance, posts of up to virtually a decade ago told the story, though the humorous punch line indicates its evergreen status.

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