A Stranger Handed Her a Note. When You See What It Says You’ll Break Down Like She Did…

YouTube Comedian Stuart Edge is no stranger to surprising random people. His YouTube page is full of videos of him pranking strangers in order to get a reaction out of them and this holiday season Stuart decided to take a break from his usual antics in order to perform random acts of kindness to strangers that he would ordinarily prank.

With a cheery Santa hat on, Stuart took to the streets with red envelopes that he had filled with gift cards, cash, and notes of love. Just like his well-known pranks, he decided the best way to deliver these gifts would be in the sneakiest way possible and to capture it all on camera. The delivery of the envelopes, and the stranger’s reactions are all caught by a hidden cameraman. Stuart does his best to hand out the envelopes without anyone realizing who did it.

While creeping throughout the store, he manages to hand out several envelopes to unsuspecting shoppers. While passing by an unattended shopping cart, he places a card in the front of it. Another young shopper is handed the red envelope and told to bring it to her mother. One young woman got a shock after a hand holding the envelope popped out from behind a clothing rack that she was browsing through. One thing they all have in common though is the reaction they had one they realized what they were handed. The reactions of those opening the envelopes is emotional. Most of them look around to see where the envelope came from. Once they open the envelope, many of the surprised shoppers tear up. A few broke down crying. Others look so grateful that it is easy to imagine that the surprise gift was needed.

It is nice to see Stuart Edge take a break from his shocking antics to instead shock others with his generosity this holiday season. The video he created is touching, and shows what the spirit of the holiday season is all about!

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