A Man’s Pregnancy and the Making of a Modern American Family

Evan was born as a female and told his family and friends that he is transgender about 16 years ago. Since he was technically born a female, he has always wanted to know what it’s like to have a baby. In the spring of 2016, he was able to see what it was like to have a baby.

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Evan was at work in his office in Massachusetts when he got a call that would change his life forever. The number was blocked, so he knew that it was likely his doctor calling him. Even though the man is stocky and has a bit of muscle, he was clutching at the phone when he got the call. It was Dr. Kowalik, a reproductive endocrinologist.

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Evan had been seeing the doctor for some time. About four months before the call, Evan had a miscarriage. The doctor was unable to hear the heartbeat any longer when he went in for an appointment. The doctor delivered the news that Evan was pregnant. Evan called his partner to tell her about the news. Evan’s sister found out as well.

With Powerful Oscar’s Ad, Hyatt Hotels Teaches Trump “HUUGE” Lesson

Even though she was happy, it meant that there would be people looking and wondering what was going on and why someone like Evan could, or should, have a baby. The little boy arrived on his due date, and Evan has made a wonderful parent and provider for his family.