A lot Of People Can’t Solve This Riddle… Are You Able To Outsmart The Rest?

There are tons of riddles circulating the internet, and some of them are easier to crack than others. But one particular riddle that has been going viral seems to be stumping everyone. Like many riddles, it asks a seemingly simple question, but the answer is not as simple as you would think. The question is, if there are 10 fish in a tank and three die, two drown, and four swim away, how many fish are left in the tank?

Most people immediately think that the answer is one. After all, the riddle states that something has happened to nine of the other fish in the tank. But, once you think about the situation a little more, it’s clear that one is not the correct answer. The correct answer is actually 10. All 10 fish have remained in the tank because they are in an enclosed space and there is really nowhere for them to go.

None of the fish have drowned because fish do not drown, and none of the fish can swim away because there is nowhere for them to go. Even the fish that have died are still floating in the tank, assuming that their owner has not had time to scoop them out yet.

Regardless, they are all still in the tank. Every riddle requires you to do some deeper thinking, and this one is certainly no exception. So the next time you see it pop up on your social media pages, you can impress all of your friends by knowing the answer.

A lot Of People Can’t Solve This Riddle… Are You Able To Outsmart The Rest?

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