A Highly Questionable Nail Trend Has Us Screaming WTF!

A Highly Questionable Nail Trend Has Us Screaming WTF!

A new trend that is gaining attention on social media websites has a lot of people scratching their heads in bewilderment.

It seems that getting bubble nails, also known as “hump nails,” is the new nail trend that is taking many people by surprise. Although bubble nails have been around for a few years, the trend is just starting to take off thanks to social media. According to “hump nail” experts, to achieve a bubble nail, a special curving method is used to shape up the acrylic used on the fingernail.

You first start by by applying a ball of acrylic onto the middle of the fingernail. This starting point will serve as the highest point of the bubble or “hump.” After this highest point, the nail gradually thins out as it curves around the finger. The goal is to achieve a smooth bubble, hence the name.

While some believe that bubble nails are trendy and cool, the actuality is that the look lacks practicality. This is especially true for those who are required to use their hands on a daily basis, for such tasks such as typing. Only time will tell whether this trend will pick up more steam in light of its growing social media presence.

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