A Hidden Camera Captures Social Prank, And Some Of The Reactions Are Startlingly Coldhearted…

Today’s society can be a very difficult thing to be a part of. Awful news is abundant these days – violence is rampant, the government knows everything, Donald the Trump is still getting attention… It’s often hard for people not to feel disillusioned by the world around them and and easy to lose hope in this thing we call humanity. The concept of caring for others for no reason seems to be lost on many.

People quite regularly fail to help others and exhibit selfish behavior, these people perpetuate unsympathetic treatment of neighbors and friends. One crafty online prankster recently conducted and filmed a social experiment of his own design – his idea was to test real people out there in real life and see how human the acted. In the video clip, he convinces others that he’s blind and unable to see what it his lottery ticket said… a lottery ticket that turns out to be the winning combination.

When the prankster conducted this social experiment in an affluent community, one wealthy pair of individuals, shockingly enough, attempted to nab the ticket from him and run away. Things were different, however, with the two homeless males he encountered for the experiment. Once the homeless men realized that the “blind” man had actually won the lottery, they were elated to tell him what had just happened.

Irony manifested can be a fascinating and often surprising. Though many might assume that impoverished people would have more of an incentive to steal the coveted winning ticket, what actually happened was quite the opposite – two moral-less punks tried to sprint off with someone else’s rightful winnings… Money certainly doesn’t equal class. The two wealthy males in the clip aren’t short on money by any means, but it is no stretch to say that they’re rather short on common decency.

Usually prank video’s are lighthearted in nature and might make you chuckle, but this one is a little heavier in nature. Meaningful social experiments like this one can sometimes reveal nasty characteristics of our society that we may have rather not known, but are at the same time essential because they provide people with deep insight into the nature of our relations.

So if you ever lose a valuable item walking down the street – say an expensive antique ring passed down to you from your beloved great-grandmother – don’t be surprised if the person who returns it to you is poor or even homeless. And by that same measure, don’t be surprised if it’s a wealthy person turns out to be the crook who swooped your valuable item. But I suppose that isn’t really news is it? The rich being coldhearted swindlers while the poor act with honor and decency… No, not in this country.

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