A Groom And 9 Of His Friends Line Up – When They Start Shaking I LOST IT! Check It Out:

A Groom And 9 Of His Friends Line Up – When They Start Shaking I LOST IT! Check It Out:

Weddings are the solemn occasions where couples pledge their love. Rituals and rings culminate in a union where two people pledge to live their lives together. Afterward is the time to let loose and celebrate. Over the years, receptions featured dinner and dancing with a toast or two at the end.

In all this revelry, groomsmen are often overlooked after they leave the ceremony but not in this instance. With the groom leading them on, they choreograph a dance routine for the ages based on some of the most played songs during the after party.

The clean cut of black pants and vest with white shirts compliment the surroundings of what is to come. Four rows deep with their backs to the bride must have her wondering what she has gotten herself into.

Cue the music as one of the classics echoes through the room. With each urging to turn around by the songstress, a row comes 180 and faces the bride. Set with their motions in unison, the audience starts to howl and cheer as the routine starts to unfold.

Love, honor, and obey must have had the implied vow of laughter as the bride first smiles and then is overcome in a fit of giggles. Ten men including the one she loves the most are here to strut their stuff just for her.

The timing of this routine is spot on. Long enough to get the point across but not overly so to allow the audience to lapse into boredom. They even bring props into it as they show that they do have their sunglasses that they will wear at night.

Impromptu actions, encores, and audience involvement with the bride puts this reception in the hearts and minds of those that attended for an eternity. The song selection was great including using a beloved Disney classic.

Near the end, we are all reminded that heaven can be a place on earth if we take the time to enjoy every moment. Infuse your daily routine with the creativity and passion seen here in the video and watch your life transform before your very eyes.

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