A Deer Was Trapped On This Frozen Lake. Watch The Amazing Rescue

This video shot by a retired biologist showing the dramatic rescue of a deer in mid-January from a body of water in Nova Scotia, Canada is truly amazing. These deer should have beenĀ provided advice about traveling across icy surfaces.

In the video clip, narrated by Bellinda Kontominas, a fallen deer and a fawn are seen together on a frozen waterway. Although the younger animal could stand, the heavier doe could not gain any traction on the very thin, slippery ice. She struggled to rise to her feet. The biologist reportedly observed her laboring to free herself for hours. Concerned she would not survive, the biologist sought assistance for the deer from the Department of Natural Resources.

The Department reportedly dispatched a helicopter, which used the force of the wind generated by its rotating blades to gently push the fallen doe across the surface towards the shore. She was reportedly assisted from the water and is seen moving into the woods, with her offspring at her side.

SFG advised its readers that when traveling across icy landscapes, the site WikiHow.com recommends the use of devices called “Spud Bars.” It describes these as long poles of metal or wood, tipped in metal. A Spud Bar allows the testing of an icy surface’s depth before moving forward. In addition, if a person does fall into icy water, it is reportedly safer to fall backwards, if possible. Try to keep your head elevated.

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