A Cop Pulls Him Over For Tinted Windows, Then He Peers In The Back And Spots THIS…

Getting pulled over by the police is not a pleasant experience for most people. However, it turned out to be a positive experience for Lavente Dell.

The officer noticed that Lavente had been driving with tinted windows. He pulled Lavente over in order to inquire about the tinted windows. When Officer Scaglione shined the light in the car, he noticed that Lavente’s daughter, Lauren, did not have a car seat.

The officer asked Lavente why his daughter did not have a car seat. Lavente tearfully told the officer that he had fallen on hard times and could not afford to buy his daughter a car seat. The officer told Lavente to step out of the car. However, the officer did not arrest Lavente.

He listened to Lavente’s story and felt bad for him. He knew that Lavente was having a hard time, so he could not arrest him.

Lavente told the officer about how he was having a very difficult time financially. He could barely afford basic necessities, such as food and water. The officer then told Lavente to get back into his car and follow him to Walmart. He brought Lavente’s daughter a car seat. Lavente was so touched that he decided to thank the officer on Facebook.

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