A Campaign To Draft Michelle Obama For POTUS Has Begun

A Campaign To Draft Michelle Obama For POTUS Has Begun

First Lady Michelle Obama is the most popular person in politics right now. Her recent criticisms of Donald Trump’s negative remarks about women is considered by some to be the linchpin of the 2016 campaign as she uses her political capital to passionately denounce sexual assault against women. Now, social media is full of fans clamoring to see the FLOTUS run for elected office.

The first lady has built on the success of her well-received presentation at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and continued to deliver uplifting talks in key states across the nation. After Mrs. Obama proclaimed, “When they go low, we go high” on the stage in July, the internet quickly declared that she had created a new unofficial motto for the Democratic Party. A few days later, Melania Trump, wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, apologized for accidentally plagiarizing Mrs. Obama’s speech, claiming she was so inspired by the FLOTUS’s passion that she wanted to echo her sentiments.

Mrs. Obama has received her fair share of attention over the years, with commentators praising her toned arms, smart wardrobe and impressive resume. Her fans have been quick to point out her Ivy League degrees and higher education administrative experience, with some arguing that she is more qualified on paper to run for office than President Obama. For the most part, she’s chosen to follow the same path as other first ladies and stay away from policy or decision making. She drew minor criticism from conservative pundits for her efforts to improve school nutrition, but most Americans appreciated her passion for bringing produce to youth and her willingness to get her hands dirty in the garden she planted on the South Lawn of the White House.

Although First Ladies often enjoy high approval ratings, Mrs. Obama’s success in a rough political atmosphere is particularly notable. With her husband facing constant legislative obstruction and criticism and two presidential candidates with record high disapproval ratings, Michelle Obama stands out. Over 70% of Americans approve of her, and she could translate that popularity into a successful run for a Senate seat or even her own turn in the Oval Office. Although Mrs. Obama denies any plans to enter politics after 8 years in the White House, she has plenty of time to change her mind before 2020. For now, internet commentators will have to be content with speculation.

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