This IS The Most Amazing Performance I Have Seen In Years, Even Better Than Famous Musicians!

The harp is not an instrument typically associated with virtuoso performers who are just 11 years old; after all, most children at that age have not even reached an adequate height to be able to hold and balance the instrument. Such limitation was not a problem for little Alissa Sadikova from St. Petersburg, Russia; in fact, the way she recently performed during an interlude of The Fountain by Marcel Lucien Grandjany will leave you breathless.

You don’t need to be a harp connoisseur or a classical music aficionado to be marveled by Alissa’s performance. Everything about her, from the outfit she chose for the presentation to the way she approaches the instrument, denotes that she is truly a virtuoso in the making. Alissa does not even have an adequate reach to be able to play certain notes, but that has not stopped her from captivating audiences at venues such as Carnegie Hall and the St. Petersburg State Conservatory in her native Russia.

Anyone who has been fortunate to witness a live performance by Alissa has left awestruck; many have confessed to have become interested in classical music pieces and overtures that feature harp interludes because of Alissa’s prowess at such an early age. This little girl is certainly someone who should be followed as she develops her talents and becomes even more skilled.