These Policemen Pull the Car Over and Arrest The Driver. Then They Ask The Kids 1 Important Thing

Two small siblings sobbed out of fear after encountering a couple of policemen, though at that time they were totally unaware of the fact that the two men were going to actually help them significantly. The mother was arrested on December 15h for driving while intoxicated with her children in the back seat.

Once the policemen discovered that the children had not had anything to eat since around lunch, they started to dig for more information. The two policemen are Travis Vernier and Kreig Cook, both officers. They realized that the small girl had just had a very sad birthday celebration, she didn’t receive any gifts because their mother doesn’t have any money and their father is currently in prison. As soon as the officers discovered that, they realized that it was their duty to take action.

They brought the two children to the fast food restaurant McDonalds to enjoy a couple Happy Meals. They then took them to Walmart for a little shopping. Cook noted that the children had a blast with them, even playing on the basket. He said the whole experience felt very similar to that of a family. The policemen used their own funds to purchase toys for the little ones. Their actions surely made what would have otherwise been a very distressing experience a little bit better. The two children were not the only individuals who benefited significantly from the kindly Christmas act, however.

The policemen state that they feel very blessed by the meeting, as well. Cook notes that he was encouraged to help the children due to his “servant’s heart.” Officer Cook is no stranger to having empathy for other people while he’s busy working. Back in February, he was working when a young boy asked him for something very basic and easy, a mere hug. Cook, of course, was more than happy to give the boy what he wanted. The siblings are at the moment in the care of protective custody. Although they’re not with their parents for Christmas and the New Year this year, it looks like they have met a few other people they can refer to as family members. Those people are the members of the Oklahoma City police department.

These two policemen are true examples of the spirit of the holiday season. These helpless young children may not have had the easiest start in life so far, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t experienced feelings of love and care. The two policemen without a doubt showered the two children with love and care. Their parents hopefully will be able to turn things around for them and make things better for the entire family. In the meantime, however, it appears that the siblings don’t really have much to worry about. Since they have the Oklahoma City police department on their sides, it seems like the sky is the limit. The policemen are true examples to all.

If you want to see the definition of the Christmas spirit (and generosity) come to life, you should look at their behavior. They went out of their way to do something positive for two little children they just met. The world would be a markedly better and more beautiful place if everyone acted like them. With luck, more and more people will start emulating their actions. The children of the world need positive examples. They also need to see a little generosity, no matter how dark and dreary things may appear to be for them at the time. These policemen are truly impressive.

These Policemen Pull the Car Over and Arrest The Driver. Then They Ask The Kids 1 Important Thing

These Policemen Pull the Car Over and Arrest The Driver. Then They Ask The Kids 1 Important Thing

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