Top Pentagon Commanders: “We’ll Quit If Trump Becomes Commander-In-Chief”

Top Pentagon Commanders: “We’ll Quit If Trump Becomes Commander-In-Chief”

Much of the recent ‘foreign policy debate’ was spent by Donald Trump declaring ignorantly how the military will be extra-great when he gets into power, and criticizing President Obama for weakening the Nations defense… even though this isn’t true.

Donald Trump announced that he would make this nation the strongest nation in the world once again and continually protect all that our country represents. He tried to facilitate fear and weave some distorted perception that the United States is weak, powerless, inefficient, and useless at the moment. He also criticized the defense strategy and persecuted Muslim Americans for their faith and closes its borders for numerous immigrants.

On the other hand, if you ask the Pentagon commanders if they think that the plan of Donald Trump will succeed, they tell a different story from Trump’s. A number of leaders in the Pentagon have revealed that they plan to quit or retire if Donald gets into power.

His plans are utterly outrageous and would result, not only in the needless deaths of hundreds and possibly, thousands more Americans dying, but also in national foreign policy degrading into something very, very dangerous. Ot would literally be bad for everyone everywhere on earth. So why is this chump still in the running? Why is he leading the GOP candidacy?

Wonderful questions, all. But they are questions that I am not qualified to answer. Something strange is happening here, in America, right now. And if we continue down this path, and Donald Dump actually gets elected into the White House, and our military heads abandon ship, America may be in for a rocky road…

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