Her Husband Decides To Uproot A Giant Tree With His Truck – And The Result Is Hilarious!

Have you ever seen a person try to uproot an enormous tree? This attempt is more hilarious than you may imagine. On August 19th in 2015, a determined homeowner living in Julian, North Carolina, thought he would try to take down a huge tree that was in his yard. Not so abnormal, right?

However, he wanted to do this himself, using only his Dodge truck and whatever horsepower it could muster. His wife decided to video the foolish attempt, and it’s a good thing she did. The scene turned into a hilarious, chaotic scene that ended up going viral on YouTube.

Now, it’s practically impossible to take down a tree as massive as this one, unless you’re going to use a chainsaw. Even then, it’s best to leave a job of this size to the pros. Since this tree was so enormous and the homeowner so inexperienced, anyone would expect this attempt to go very, very wrong. Wouldn’t you think the bumper of his Dodge would be pulled off? Or, even if he could pull off uprooting the tree, wouldn’t you expect for it to fall somewhere, causing a lot of damage? It could even fall on top of his truck, harming him! After all, the chain wasn’t very long, so it would have practically nowhere else to fall.

The second the wife says, “Ready! Pull the tree down!” anyone in their right mind would brace for a disaster. After seeing so many similar videos start just like this one, I know that so many of them end terribly. Just wait, though. Once you get to 26 seconds, the video shows you exactly what happens to this tree. You’ll never expect it. Check it out!

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