There Have Been Many Performances On “The Voice” But None Compare To This One

“The Voice” is a popular talent show in the United States. Jordan Smith is a well-known contestant on the reality program ninth season. The young vocalist has been wowing the show’s judges since the very beginning, and it’s no big surprise. When he covered beloved Australian singer Sia’s smash hit “Chandelier” during auditions for the show, he impressed Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine so much that he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Levine is a coach for the program. Many “The Voice” fans agree that Smith is one of the finest entertainers to ever show up on the program. Smith recently performed on the show to make it to the finale. He chose to cover the song “Somebody to Love” by legendary rock band Queen for this very important performance. He had some assistance from a choir. His performance even had a beautiful light show, adding to the intensity of the whole thing. Smith truly looked the part of “rock star” during his performance, too. His black jacket featured a shiny lapel that truly made him look like a superstar.

His performance of “Somebody to Love” was absolutely fantastic. His voice had the control and strength necessary to make the song truly memorable. The talented choir also added to the performance significantly. People enjoyed Smith’s performance thanks to his remarkable stage presence and impressive tone. There were many things about it to admire. After the performance, Smith posted a message on his Twitter account that expressed what a great time he had performing. He also expressed his gratitude to his audience.

If Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury still lived today, he’d surely be very happy. Although it’s definitely in no way easy to live up to Freddie Mercury’s amazing appeal as a performer, Smith did a fantastic job in his own right. No one could really dispute that. It seems like a great career as a music star is definitely in young Smith’s bright future. Since the Kentucky native is just 22 years of age at the moment, he has a lot of time to catch up to Mercury. Smith has a lot of support from enthusiastic “The Voice” fans all over the United States, too. His “Somebody to Love” performance proves that he has a lot of other absolutely incredible musical gems in his future. When Smith was done singing “Somebody to Love,” Adam Levine couldn’t contain what he just heard and saw. The seasoned music professional actually stood up and clapped.

With fans like Levine on Smith’s side, it’s exciting to think about the young performer’s vast potential. If he can successfully tackle something as challenging as a Queen song, there probably isn’t much he cannot do. Voting for Smith’s performance is now fully completed. People who want to hear more of Jordan’s breathtaking performance don’t have to worry for a second, however. They can opt to buy a recording of it on the popular online media library iTunes. Listening to the song over and over again should be fun.

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