Why Pour Cake Batter Into A Rice Cooker? Everyone Is BEGGING Me To Make This Again!

Though everyone enjoys delicious desserts, they can often be time consuming and difficult to make. However, some clever cooks are coming up with new ways to create tasty treats.

One woman has discovered a way to make a cake in a common household ingredient. This recipe is perfect because it is quick and does not require an oven. Therefore, even college students who live in a dorm without a kitchen can make this cake. Busy mothers will enjoy the quick baking time, and their kids will definitely enjoy getting desserts more often

Rice cookers are usually used to cook perfect rice that is not burnt or undercooked. It turns out that their temperature controls also make them ideal for baking. Instead of spending a few hours constantly checking on a cake in the oven, you can create a cake that is baked in just 12 minutes. . The rice cooker ensures that it comes out perfect every time, instead of being unevenly cooked or burnt.

This simple recipe only requires all purpose flour, cooking oil or butter, eggs, sugar, baking chocolate, and heavy whipping cream. All you have to do is combine the ingredients before placing them in the rice cooker. Watch the video to learn how to make this amazing and easy cake.

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