92-Year-Old Woman Who Has Attended the Same Church for Over 50 Years Gets This Horrific Letter

An 92-year-old woman in Georgia has recently been kicked out of her own church in Bainbridge. Josephine King attended First African Baptist Church for more than 50 years until she was informed that she was no longer welcome to attend. The letter that she received went viral and started circulating around the Internet after she first told her story to Fox6. The printed and signed message stated that Josephine could no longer attend Sunday services because she wasn’t paying any tithes.

This harsh correspondence towards such a pious elderly woman has caused an outcry both online and in Georgia. The woman’s nephew, Gerald Simmons, also spoke with news sources, telling them that Josephine was absolutely shocked, stunned and disappointed when the letter arrived.

A woman claiming to be Josephine’s niece released the letter to various online news outlets. Signed by a senior pastor and other church officials, it’s clear to see how personal and hurtful this was for the aging recipient. The letter stated that she could no longer participate in any “worship opportunities” because she had not supported them with “financial and physical participation.”

Josephine King’s family has a different side of the story. Josephine was sick for many months with an illness that had hindered her ability to attend church, but her relatives claim that she always went “above and beyond” to participate in church activities when her health allowed it. Josephine’s nephew is hoping that other churches will reach out to her during this trying time.

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