9,000 Attorneys Oppose Bannon in Open Letter to Congress

9,000 Attorneys Oppose Bannon in Open Letter to Congress

When it comes to Trump crony Steven Bannon, evidence keeps piling up against him—and none of it looks good. During his time at the Breitbart organization, Bannon was responsible for overseeing many articles that boasted a decidedly white supremacist tone.

Perhaps this is why his potential appointment as Trump’s chief strategist has perplexed and vexed many in the United States. This particular pick has been so contentious that a protest rally to ban Bannon was even held in Los Angeles shortly after his name was announced.

Now the legal community has put together a letter voicing their own strong opposition. A stunning 9,000 legal eagles added their name to the letter, making their opposition voice known. Led by University of Denver professor Nancy Leong, the letter criticizes Bannon’s apparent biases against other ideologies.

It mentions his Anti-Semitism stance, in addition to the threat he poses to the democracy. Apparently, the letter has now been sent to members of Congress—in addition to the Trump transition team. Perhaps it is not surprising to many that the Trump group has not yet responded to a request for comment. In the weeks that follow, it will be interesting to see how many more people decide to join the attorneys’ protest and voice their concerns.

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