90-Year-Old Angela Lansbury, Gives Crowd Goosebumps Performing Disney Classic

The recent release of the live version of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” has many people remembering the songs that made the original movie popular. Angela Lansbury is known for lending her voice to Mrs. Potts, a teapot in the movie with a son named Chip. She has a voice that anyone would recognize. It is one that is soft and warming for those who hear her speak and sing.

Lansbury recently gave guests at a theater a surprise when she walked onto the stage to sing “Tale As Old As Time” in honor of the 25th anniversary of the movie. She was on the stage alone with nothing more than a piano and a few other instruments being played in the background.

With her hands clasped, she delivered a softened version of the song that made audience members melt. The performance that she gave was true to her form.

Lansbury never missed a note and sang with her heart instead of trying to belt out long notes or trying to reach over what her vocal limit would allow. As the camera pans across the theater, there are many who are wiping away tears as she finishes the beloved song.

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