Video: They Are Taking Photos Of Their Baby, Deer Does What No One Saw Coming

There are few types of photo shoots more captivating than those of newborn babies. The innocence and purity of a sleeping newborn child will always be a calming, peaceful sight, and on certain occasions something incredible will happen to further increase the aesthetic appeal and serenity of such photos.

Megan Rion, a photographer from Louisiana, recently experienced such an event firsthand. While shooting photos of an adorable baby dressed in simple knitted clothes set against an outdoor autumn background, an unexpected guest joined them for a few amazing photos.

While Megan shot photos of 1 month old Connor, a curious young deer slowly and cautiously approached them from the woods. Moss Bluff, Louisiana is home to the Sam Houston Jones State Park, where the photoshoot was being held. The deer arrived while Connor was sleeping upon a hay bale that was decorated with pumpkins, corn, squash, and other natural fall icons in a variety of fiery reds, bright yellows, and deep oranges. Megan took advantage of the rare opportunity and snapped several breathtaking photos of Connor featuring the deer in the background, and several that focused solely on the beautiful creature.

This particular deer has a well known reputation for approaching humans in the park. Maggie, as she has been named, grew up from a young age in the park and loves to be hand fed by visitors. Maggie will often make an appearance at photo shoots or other events held in the park, most likely looking for a treat from anyone who will oblige her. In this case Megan suspected she was after the corn and hay used to decorate for the shoot. Megan has created a Facebook album just for photos of Maggie, as the deer is well known for being patient and easy to capture on film.

The photo set featuring Connor is a prime example of how the presence of a beautiful animal like Maggie can greatly enhance the attractiveness of any scene. Some parents visiting the park with their children are even known to ask specifically to take photos with Maggie, and while the park can’t guarantee that she will show herself, they will admit there is a chance she will come around looking for food. Those families that are lucky enough to have a moment with Maggie will see how the addition of such a stunning creature in its natural habitat can truly create a memorable experience and unforgettable photographs.

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