With The Help Of One Unsuspecting Service Dog, This Quadriplegic Gets To Surf!

Ricochet was a golden retriever who was bred to be a service dog. Her owner Judy thought that Ricochet would be perfect for the job because golden retriever’s are known for being extremely reliable, dependable, and smart. While Ricochet was all of these things, she was also a bit wild and carefree. But despite the dog’s spicy personality, Judy did her best to turn her prized golden retriever into a service dog that would help people get through hard times in life.

Ricochet just loved to play, and she never got tired for some reason. Judy didn’t know what to do with the energetic little dog, who wasn’t small for long. After several months, Ricochet grew up into a strong dog, but she was still too adventurous to be registered as a United States service dog. It was becoming clear to Judy that Ricochet would never be the hero in her life. Nevertheless, Judy loved her dog, and Ricochet loved her back. But one day, Ricochet showed her owner an entirely new side of herself on one particular day.

Everything changed when ricochet was introduced to a quadriplegic child named Patrick. Ricochet immediately took a liking to Patrick and vice versa. The two got along famously, and they quickly became best friends. Patrick couldn’t stop smiling whenever Ricochet was around, and Judy was very pleased when she saw the handicapped child’s eyes glisten, and his smile widen each time he played with Ricochet. Judy then realized that her dog was going to make a difference in someone’s life after all.

Patrick is a quadriplegic, and his handicap has held him back in life. But, when Ricochet was around, Patrick could do things he never dreamed of. With the help of Ricochet and other volunteers, Patrick went surfing for the very first time. The handicapped child was placed on a surfboard along with his best friend Ricochet. The moment was captured on video, and it was even broadcast on the news. Ricochet helped Patrick out by balancing the back of the surfboard. Patrick had a blast surfing with his best friend.

Over 5 million people have seen Ricochet’s amazing exploits on Facebook and Twitter. To say that the video has gone viral would be an understatement. Today, Judy is so extremely proud of her golden retriever. Ricochet continues to change lives each and every day. Judy and Ricochet can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out the video! It is heartwarming.

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