Hacktivist Group Anonymous Will De-Hood 1,000 KKK Members, Exposing These Racists To The World

Anonymous is a prominent global hacker network that’s made up of web-know-hows who focus on activist issues. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) movement in 2014 sent a warning to people who were protesting Ferguson in a non-violent manner, a move that Anonymous wasn’t all too pleased with. Anonymous reacted to that threat by engaging in “de-hooding” behaviors. The goal of this mission by Anonymous was to reveal the true identities of many of the people involved in the KKK.

Not only did Anonymous aim to show the identities of many members of the KKK, but the group also commendered the hate organization’s Twitter account and successfully removed several of their websites from the internet. Many people who were formerly part of the Ku Klux Klan became very nervous of Anonymous’ activities, causing many to abandon the organization altogether. It was like watching a boat full of racists jump ship. They were worried that their identities becoming public could hurt their public image… No shit. The Klan recently reignited Anonymous’ interest in them when one KKK member decided to harass Conover Kennard, an african American woman who had some tight connections to Anonymous. The member went by the online alias, “Thomas Klan”.

Kennard, the author of the FreakOutNation, and while unpleasant comments from readers are relatively common for her, T. Klan was an unusual case. T. Klan set out to ruin Kennard’s life, trolling furiously create various faux accounts in an attempt to pester her. “Amped Attacks” the member of Anonymous who came to Kennard’s online rescue watched this intense harassment with and started kicking various KKK sites off of the Internet as retaliation. This didn’t stop T. Klan from bothering Anonymous and Kennard, however. He kept up the his harassment crusade consistently. Many KKK sites vanished from the Internet.

After some time, the Twitter account for Thomas Khan was at last removed. Kennard noted that her Anonymous pals took it upon themselves to pinpoint 1,000 individuals who were involved with the Ku Klux Klan. They opted to do this as a result of one of their hackers successfully breaking into an account that was run by the organization. This account enabled them to identity numerous people who were part of the notorious group. Anonymous is determined to keep the pressure on with the KKK. The group issued a press release that indicated to the organization that they’re going to remove all items they upload. Anonymous also noted that they’ll promptly do away with all items that spread the word about the KKK’s upcoming activities.

Amped Attacks from Anonymous wrote that the KKK interfered with the group and now it’s their goal [and pleasure] to give them a taste of their own medicine. The members of Anonymous are asking the public to back their efforts to take down the infamous KKK. They’re asking people to talk about the organization via Twitter and various other popular social networking sites to raise attention to the issue. Anonymous’ goal is to make it so that people in the KKK can never feel “anonymous” or safe ever again. It will be interesting to see where this battle is going to lead. Can hackers battle a group of notorious racists and succeed? We can only hope. It would be a true example of a new force of good triumphing over an historic force of racism and evil.

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