86-Year-Old Man Teaches Himself To Knit Hats – Donates Over 300 To Preemies

86-Year-Old Man Teaches Himself To Knit Hats – Donates Over 300 To Preemies

Most families have gone through the emotions that come with moving an elderly relative to a nursing home, but that doesn’t make the experience any easier for those who have to go through it. It can be a hard time for both the younger members of the family and the elderly member who is having to move into a new situation. The deep emotions that run through these sorts of life changes can be used as a source of inspiration by those who truly love the world for what it is, and that is exactly what happened when Ed Moseley had to move into an assisted living facility in his home state of Georgia.

When Ed first entered the home, he hoped to be able to meet others his own age in an attempt to bring himself a new life filled with new friends and a new environment. While he was moderately successful in that regard, he still found himself unfulfilled and seeking something to fill that gap in his heart. Surprisingly, he found an amazing way to keep himself occupied, and his new mission has captured the hearts and attention of the entire internet.

Ed noticed that many of the residents of his assisted living home would pass the time by knitting. Of course, it was typically the woman who performed the pastime, but Ed decided to give it a try, and he was instantly thankful that he did. He was naturally skilled at the task, and he took to it much more quickly than most. However, the most interesting part of Ed’s story isn’t that he decided to knit in the first place, but it’s what he decided to knit that started turning heads. Ed didn’t want to make anything for himself. Instead, he decided to make things for those less fortunate.

Ed started off by knitting small hats, and he quickly realized that these tiny hats would be perfect for small infants. He never made himself a single item of knitted material, but instead devoted all his time to knitting small hats for preemie children. He decided to knit hats for those poor children after he thought about them being cold in the hospital. He wanted to share his gift with those who needed it most, and it’s basically impossible to argue that any other group needs warm hats more than premature babies.

The majority of the hats that Ed knitted went to the NICU department of Northside Hospital in Atlanta, just a few hours from Ed’s assisted living home. In total, he has donated more than 300 of his precious hats to the children of the hospital. Families of the children are always extremely touched when they hear the source of these donated hats, and Ed has been unable to hide from the spotlight. He understands what it is like to have to go through a big life change, and he wanted to make sure that those children and their families had all the support they needed, even if that support came in the form of a simple knit hat.

Men like Ed deserve to have their praises sung and to have their good deeds spread across society. If it weren’t for people like Ed, there might not be any kindness in the world at all. People tend to emulate those who they respect most, and without seeing such stories online, many people might be forced to choose less than satisfactory role models. Those people need to remember that stories like that of Ed Moseley are what keep the world at peace. The world needs more men like Ed.

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