It’s a Basic Binder Clip. But What He Does With Them? You Have To Try This Right Away!

Creativity and boredom often result in clever solutions to mundane everyday problems – otherwise known as life-hacks. This crazy Russian Hacker shares his life hacks, like using this simple office paperclip:

Some of the hacks are easier than others. For example: binder clips can be used to keep bags of chips closed. The chips could also be clipped to wire shelving to free up valuable shelf space. Another hack demonstrates how rolling up toothpaste tubes, and securing the bottom with a binder clip, ensures every last bit of toothpaste will be used. Binder clips can also be fastened to a desk to organize various cables and keep them within arms’ reach. Brilliant. And yes, a little plain sailing one might add.

But other hacks are more entailed and a far bit craftier. So be warned: THESE ARE ONLY FOR THE EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT – Anyone less-so will undoubtedly injure themselves if they attempt them.

If you’re looking for a photo holder, fasten the binder clip to the bottom of your photo. Next, remove the spring fasteners from either side. Now the binder clip can be set on your desk as a photo holder. Another amazing hack uses a medium and large binder clip to make a smart phone dock. You read that right. carefully clip your phone charger in the medium binder clip, and once again remove both spring fasteners. Clip the medium binder clip with the large binder clip. Remove those two spring fasteners and now you have dock that you can set your phone on to charge.

In today’s world, people absolutely need items like this so that their hands are free to multitask. Who ever knew that binder clips could have so many uses? But please, be careful. Some of these tricks aren’t for the simpleminded. The best part is how cost effective all of these hacks are compared to buying all of the various products needed for these jobs. A box of binder clips will go a long way in helping to make your life easier, more organized, and clutter free.

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