VIDEO: Kim Davis Finally Gets Roasted On SNL and It Couldn’t Have Decimated Her Any Better

Kim Davis, the God-fearing county clerk who has been dominating the news cycle over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to non-traditional couples, was openly mocked on the latest installment of NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) program.

Singer Miley Cyrus opened the show with the song “My Way” while each member of the cast spoke about the past summer’s news events, including Davis. Later on in the show, Aidy Bryant, a castmember, delivered a pitch-perfect imitation of Davis that wowed the audience and the media.

Davis stirred controversy earlier in 2015 when she took a stand against same-sex marriage by refusing to sign off on marriage licenses if the applying couple was not a traditional man and woman despite the Supreme Court making gay marrige legal in all states. Citing God as the ultimate authority, Davis’ refusal to do her job landed her in jail on a contempt charge. She spent five days there before being released.

Davis finally relented and allowed her deputy clerks to issue licenses to whomever applied although she still refused to serve gay couples. Her continued antics caught the eye of presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee who appeared to use her publicity for his own benefit. Davis also managed to get an audience with Pope Francis although it is not know why.

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