80% Of Parents Don’t Know How Save Their Child From Choking. Are You One Of Them?

If you’re a parent, not many things on earth can be more terrifying than your child choking on something. If you’re busy and look away from your youngster for even an instant, you could turn around to notice this happening. An inquisitive and playful child can easily locate a small item and place it into his mouth. When a child does this, the item can quickly get trapped inside of his mouth, which can then rapidly escalate into choking.

When this occurs, parents usually react by going into a state of fear and anxiety. Parents often don’t know exactly how to manage choking situations properly and safely. Thankfully, a handy video clip shows parents exactly what to do if they spot their beloved children choking.

The clip instructs them to place their children on their bellies over their own legs. It instructs them to then rapidly slap their backs five times in a row. If that approach fails, the clip suggests that parents place their children on their backs and apply pressure onto their sternums five times. It encourages parents to continue doing this until the item finally comes out of their throats.

Learning suitable techniques for helping choking children can often mean the difference between life and death. While one parent is busy saving a choking child, the other parent (if present) should be on the phone with 9-11. If you’re a parent, don’t sit around confused if you spot your child choking. Instead, learn how to take effective action.

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