Boy Loses His Father In Afghanistan With Nothing To Remember Him By… Until THIS Happened.

Back in 2007, a Green Beret by the name of Jack Kettle was killed while fighting overseas in Afghanistan. Kettle left behind a wife and his 15-month-old-son, Logan. Logan, who is currently 9 years old, is becoming more and more interested in his late father the older he gets. He is beginning to learn just how important his father was and how he sacrificed his life for his country.

The only thing that Logan wishes he could retrieve is his father’s uniform jacket. Having disappeared after Jack’s death, the jacket was the one thing that Logan felt would make him feel closer to the father that he barely remembered. Logan’s uncle, Clay Kettle, heard about his nephews request and tried endlessly to find what had happened to the jacket.

After reaching many dead-ends, Clay decided that he must take matters into his own hands. Clay had made it his mission to recreate the jacket for his nephew. He used his brother’s service record and a picture of the uniform to help him create the masterpiece. After weeks of work, Clay was finally able to give Logan a replica of the jacket he had always wished for.

When Logan laid his eyes on the jacket, the first thing he asked was: “Can I put this on?” As he put on the jacket, surrounded by his family, the child broke into tears, overwhelmed with all the feelings that were surfacing. He stated that growing up without his father in his life was extremely difficult, but he knows what a great man his father was.

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