VIDEO: The Moving 9/11 Ad Only Aired Once. But We’re Sharing It So You Can See It. You Will Cry

There are several tributes that have been made to 9/11. One was aired on television one time, but it brought many in the country to tears. The ad that was shown on television shortly after the attack occurred features the popular Clydesdale horses that have been seen in Budweiser commercials and in Christmas commercials.

The horses were used with a people who lived in New York at the time to bring a stunning tribute to the victims of 9/11 during the 2002 Superbowl halftime show. The ad was only aired the one time, but it was so powerful that some are asking for it to be played again. The ad was remade for the ten-year anniversary of the attack.

The ad begins with horses running through a field covered in snow. A man is putting all of the equipment on the horse, getting ready for a ride. The horses pull the man in a wagon along the road. Business owners look out of their windows to see the horses as they walk down the street.

The horses soon stop and kneel as they face the New York City skyline. The ad ends with a short reference to Budweiser in the form of the word of the beer. This is an ad that has been lost in the eyes of America and is once again desired to be seen.

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