Couple Stops In Remote Bar JUST In Time To Have Their Lives Saved…

Couple Stops In Remote Bar JUST In Time To Have Their Lives Saved…

Taking a pit stop at a remote bar in Ashley, Illinois, proved to be fortuitous for one man and his wife when he collapsed to the ground, and the bartender on duty stepped up to the plate and administered CPR.

The bartender, Heather Haltenhoff, who is currently attending nursing classes at nearby Kaskaskia College, happened to be at working at Chops Bar when the cutsomer fell to the ground. Haltenhoff rushed to action, quickly checking him for any signs of life, she found no pulse and immediately began giving him CPR. A faint pukd flickered to life within the man, but she continued compressions until the EMS unit arrived. They gave the man oxygen and several defibrillator shocks. His heart jump-started once again and allowed the unit to take him to a St. Louis hospital.

Despite her heroics, Haltenhoff was mostly concerned about the man’s recovery. His wife saying that he is getting better quickly. Haltenhoff commented that she was many nurses go their entire career without ever having to perform CPR, but she succeeded ever before graduating.

Chops Bar is located in a quiet stretch of Southern Illinois, and it’s not certain what compelled the couple to stop at there, approximately 10-12 miles from where they were headed. But had they not, the man might not have survived. I guess, you never know where you might need your life saved.

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