VIDEO: Meddling Kid Sabotages His Own Future, Then Something Incredible Happens to him…

A social worker named Connie has been helping troubled children find suitable parents for many years. However, Connie was never able to find a home for one orphan named Taylor. Connie tried several different homes for Taylor, but the young boy continuously found himself in trouble. Several adopting parents realized that they would be unable to help the child.

Whenever Connie finally thought she had found Taylor the perfect parents he would always be returned to the orphanage and Connie would be forced to continue her search. Over and over again.

Connie tried her best for many years . Sadly she was never successful in her  attempts to save the troubled young boy. Taylor was a simply troublemaker, a rascal of the highest order, and there wouldn’t be any parents willing to take him into their homes. Connie realized that Taylor was never going to get adopted, and so she decided to adopt Taylor herself.

It’s very rare that a social worker decides to adopt one of their own cases, and it’s usually against the rules. However, this was a special case, and Connie knew that Taylor was in serious need of help.

Taylor has been very happy since Connie decided to adopt him. He feels no one knows him better. Taylor admitted to sabotaging his chances of adoption with his previous parents, but is glad he did. Taylor and Connie are getting along well, and the young boy is finally getting the love he needs.

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