VIDEO: One Of Trumps Supports Screams ‘White Power’ During Speech. Are You Surprised?

Presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump has been able to capture the hearts of white supremacists with his statements against certain races and his anti-immigration reform. It’s not too much of a surprise, then, to hear that supports at an Alabama based rally were willing to yell out “White power!”

The rally was live on certain news outlets, letting the yell be heard past the conservative crowd. People outside the mostly white crowd weren’t so happy with the comment. Many took to Twitter saying that they weren’t really surprised but they weren’t sure if it was a Trump rally or a KKK meeting.

While the man that yelled it could be planted, there are many white supremacists that support his campaign. Some has said that Trump is their last home to reclaim the United States and his win ensures that a white America can happen.

One supporter even went so far as to say that with Trump in office they could have a “Fourth Reich”. However, he has to win first. It’s unclear who America’s next president will be. While Democrats and Republicans are attempting to push Trump away from the presidency, it’s clear some people want him in office to bring about their idea of a perfect America.

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