Very Sick Girl Had One Wish. And It Was To Meet A Mermaid. Watch As Her Dream Comes True

Lauren Cosgrove was born at 27 weeks and only weighed 2 pounds. The first year of her life was spent in a hospital. After that, she was able to go home. But she ended up being diagnosed with Short Gut Syndrome (SGS). She still spends a lot of time in the hospital because she can’t absorb nutrients properly. So much so that she has a Hickman line attached to her that delivers nutrients to her body all hours of the day. Despite all this, she only had one wish.

She wanted to meet a mermaid.

One day in October, Lauren was given a special dress and her and her family rode in a limousine to the shores of Loch Lomond. There, a mermaid broke to the surface to greet little Lauren and her family. Videos and pictures were taken as the mermaid talked with Lauren, gave her a necklace, and then swam away to go back home.

The Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity was responsible for this coming true. Not only was the wish special to the family, but it was special to the charity as well. It was the 3,000th wish they granted across the United Kingdom thanks to the love and support of their donors.

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