Mike Huckabee Thinks Denying Abortion To 11 Year Old Rape Victim Was The Right Thing To Do

Republican Party presidential candidate hopeful Mike Huckabee recently had a spot on State of the Union, a program on CNN. The host asked him a question about a 10 year-old girl from Paraguay called Mainumby. Mainumby got pregnant after her stepfather raped her. When she tried to get an abortion, her request was rejected. She was given no choice but to deliver the baby even though some medical professionals thought it would be smart to do otherwise.

Dana Bash of CNN posed an important question to Huckabee. She asked him if he would have permitted the young girl to receive the abortion. The former Arkansas governor’s reply was another question back at Bash. He asked Bash if she believed that the problem would be fixed by preventing an unborn baby from entering the world.

Bash responded to Huckabee’s question by asking him if he would have a hard time talking to a young child and telling her that she had an awful and traumatic experience and now has to perpetuate the situation by keeping the baby in her body for the duration of nine whole months.

Huckabee said that it would be indeed be difficult to do that and that he wouldn’t be able to pass the situation off as anything but a tragedy. He stated again, however, that he wouldn’t want to exacerbate the negative consequences by preventing another human being from being able to live. Huckabee indicated that the goal should be to defend the rights of the mother and the fetus alike.

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