VIDEO: She Gets Stopped Her Last Day of Cancer Treatment By A Nurse. What Happens Next? Yes!

Sophia Petikason loves dancing. When she first entered treatment, she talked about it with her doctor, Ben Wilkinson, who agreed to dance with her once her treatment was over. Her last day, she got that dance, just not in the way she was expecting.

A nurse handed her a pair of sunglasses and said that people heard and wanted to watch them dance together. They walked into the lobby and “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silento started playing.

Other members of the Willis-Knighton Cancer Center staff joined them in a flash mob dance that brought a huge smile to the girl’s face. Their dance didn’t make her stop though. She danced in the center of the front row, smiling and dancing with the rest of them. She didn’t even hesitate with all the people watching and cameras recording them.

During parts of the song and especially at the end, the cheers of the audience could be heard. The nurse and her doctor hugged and gave her high-fives. Sophia got to leave the hospital healthy and knowing that the medical staff went above and beyond to make sure she was not only living a healthy, long life, but a happy one as well.

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