She Tells The Magician Her Mom And Dad Are Fighting Overseas. Now Watch What He Does…

It started off as a simple magic show at an elementary school and it turned into a heart-warming reunion.

The magician, Nathan Roberts, asks for a volunteer from the audience and pulls up 3-year-old Addison. While she’s standing in front of this large crowd, the magician asks Addison where her mom is. Another student from the audience yells out that her mom’s deployed overseas. After learning this, Nathan asks if he can borrow Addison’s doll for one really special trick.

He has Addison stand in front of the magician, he worked with two others to make the doll disappear into two cubes about Addison’s height. While this is happening, God Bless America starts to play over the speakers in the gymnasium. Then, with one final drum roll, Nathan Roberts and his team helped turn that doll into Addison’s mother, Julia Woodburn, who’d been overseas in Kuwait for months. The trick was used to surprise Addison on her third birthday.

Julia and her husband, Addison’s father Brian, were both overseas, spending time not only away from each other but from their young daughter.

They teamed up with the magician to give Addison the best birthday present of her life – her mother’s safe arrival home.

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